When we think of vehicle safety, the windshield is not the first thing that comes to mind. However the windshield plays a number of vital roles in the safety of your vehicle:

  1. The passenger airbag deploys against the windshield. If the windshield is not installed correctly, the explosive force of the airbag will blow the windshield out, rendering the airbag useless.
  2. In a roll over accident, the windshield is essential to keep the roof from collapsing on the occupants.

A major concern when replacing your windshield is how long you need to wait before you can drive your vehicle after the replacement. When the windshield is replaced the windshield is bonded to your vehicle using a urethane adhesive. Depending upon the temperature and humidity, conventional urethane can take anywhere from 3 – 15 hours before the car can be safely driven. If the vehicle is driven before this “safe cure time” the windshield could pop out during an accident putting your life at risk.

Incorrect windshield installations have resulted in death and injury to some unfortunate motorists. At MasterGlass we take extra care to ensure you get a safe installation every time.

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