There are two parts to your auto insurance. Collision and Comprehensive. Collision is when you hit something and you are generally at fault. Comprehensive is when something happens to you and is not your fault. Such as vandalism or a rock on the freeway hitting your windshield. Auto glass damage is covered under the comprehensive part of your insurance. Because it was not your fault, auto glass damage does not generally affect your premium if you put in a claim.

Many insurance companies will waive your comprehensive deductible for a windshield repair claim. We are approved to bill all major insurance companies directly. This means that depending upon the insurance company and the type of damage, you may be able to get the windshield repaired at no cost to you. Free to you! Why do insurance companies waive the deductible on repairs? Because it saves them thousands every day in needless windshield replacements. So it’s a true win/win for the insurance company and you. For windshield replacements, the deductible is not waived by the insurance companies.

Not sure if your insurance can help? Call us now on 800 789 1256 and a quick 3 minute call will save you 15 minutes on hold with your insurance company! Feel free to call us without cost or obligation.

Of course you can call your insurance company first but let me tell you about a nasty habit the insurance companies have. Your insurance agent has little, if anything, to do with an auto glass claim. Most auto glass claims are now handled by networks. These networks are third party claims administrators that handle claims for your insurance company with the expressed purpose of cutting costs. While this is good for the insurance company, it may not be good for you.

The networks either own or have “sweetheart deals” with a glass shop your area. This means that when you call them, you may be told to use a certain shop that is “approved” by the insurance company. Approved in this case means lowest cost. Lowest cost also means lowest cost glass, lowest cost urethane, lowest cost installer. You get the idea. Most of these glass shops do not repair cracks over the size of a quarter, and they are not guaranteed against spreading – the whole purpose of a repair. Many of these shops will install the cheapest glass possible in an effort to keep costs down, and to remain the “preferred” vendor.

The good news is that under State law, you the insured have the right to choose any glass company to perform the repair or replacement. Your insurance company must pay us a fair and reasonable price. This means we can use the best possible materials and labor to provide you with the service you deserve.

What can you do to avoid being steered by the insurance company to a budget-low cost glass shop? Call us first! Before you call your insurance company call us. We can tell you if it’s even worth going through your insurance. If your insurance is the best option for you, we’ll do a quick 3 way call to your insurance company and get it approved in less than 10 minutes. No fuss no hassle. You’ll be able to use MasterGlass - a company focussed on quality and safety – and not get sent to the lowest bidder.

Call 800 789 1256 now, and our friendly phone staff will answer any questions you may have. We deal with the insurance companies every day, so there’s a good chance we can answer your question before you even get through the insurance companies phone menu. We look forward to hearing from you.

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