Crack Repair

Do you want to know a million dollar secret? Each year millions of dollars are wasted needlessly on windshield replacements when the windshields could have been repaired. Why don’t more glass companies spread the word about windshield repair? For a number of reasons. They either don’t know how to repair the cracks or they would rather try to sell you a $2-400 windshield. Or both!

At MasterGlass we are trained and equipped to provide the best possible repair and replacement service – depending upon your needs. We’d rather repair a windshield if possible to save you money.

What Can Be Repaired?
MasterGlass can repair chips the size of a dime or quarter. If your windshield was hit by a rock on the freeway, the chances are the damage can be repaired if caught early enough.

Damage that cannot be Repaired
If the windshield was struck by a golf ball or anything larger than a stone, you will most likely need a replacement. If the long crack is spreading in all directions and is larger than a quarter it cannot be repaired.

The Process
MasterGlass will set an appointment and send a specially trained technician to your house or office to do the repair. The repair process involves injecting a scientifically formulated resin into the crack. The resin is cured under Ultra Violet light and the whole process takes just 25-45 minutes depending upon the type and size of the damage. The car can be driven immediately after the repair and needs no further special treatment.

How does it Look?
The crack should look 50-95% less noticeable, depending upon how long the damage has been there, and the type and size of the damage. Cosmetic results may vary.

Do You Lease Your Vehicle?
To prevent being charged for a new windshield, make sure any chips are repaired before you turn in a leased vehicle. Call us out and the leasing inspector should give your windshield a thumbs up. In fact, one leasing inspector refers people to MasterGlass to ensure their windshield passes the inspection.

Does Insurance Cover This?
Many Insurance companies cover the cost of the repair. To find out if your Insurance company does, call us now and we can advise you of their policy. MasterGlass has trained customer service staff who make the insurance process as simple as a 5 minute phone call. Not sure if a repair is what you want? Call us now on 800 789 1256. Unlike most other glass companies, we are not trying to push you into a replacement. You’ll get expert advice that best suits your particular situation. Our success comes from meeting your needs for a quality repair or replacement. A 3 minute no-obligation phone call and you’ll be more informed to decide whether to repair or replace your windshield.

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